My Journey

I just started writting and this is a paragraph of it……..

So start with the family doctor we did, he put a consult into a Geriatric Psychiatrist? I kept thinking why geriatric she’s not old enough to be a geriatric, she’s my mother? My grandmother who is 95 and living in a nursing home, that’s a geriatric. The same thing as for a psychiatrist, why that?

As it ended up “she” the Geriatric Psychiatrist Doctor was a god send, we called her Dr Sara. After a few visits the diagnoses was Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS) that has to deal with hallucinations and poor eye sight. She continued to investigate and do further testing and during that process Mom ended up with double phenomena, then it was clear to the Dr Sara that Mom had (LBD); they figured she had it for over 2 years. After becoming sick, it pushed her into yet another stage of the disease, which is why she progressed much faster she was deeper into the disease than anyone expected.

I was really hoping that it was (CBS); you don’t want to admit to yourself that your mother has dementia. What would people think? The (CBS) diagnoses would be easier to swallow than her having (LBD). The word dementia wasn’t in my vocabulary especially when it had to do with my mother.

Debra Ouellette

Nov 01, 2010