My Dad


My 81 years old (and 11 months) dad lost his battle with LBD on 2/28/17. We all know what a horrific disease it is and what it can do. He was robbed of so many things. We read how fast the end can happen and were still shocked at how he declined in a 2 week period.

The most painful part of the end were the constant hallucinations. It was as if his brain was short circuiting. Thank God he always knew the immediate family. I will never forget the feeling of helplessness and wondering should he be in the hospital?

I had his blood urine and chest x-ray done at home. I took his temperature, pulse, and blood pressure reading daily. Everything was normal. My only wish was that I would have called hospice in sooner. He was very achy and stiff after becoming bedridden (for only a few days). Hospice started on the day he passed. I asked for donations as opposed to flowers at his funeral. I am proud to say that 25 donations came in honor of him – and more are coming.

He was a wonderful, kind, loving, and caring dad. I miss him terribly but can face the day knowing his mind  and body are finally whole again. For those of you caring for someone with LBD – be patient, be kind, and be prepared… be strong 

Donna Zanardi

Apr 11, 2017