Mom’s Poem to Dad

My father was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia in July 2016 and passed away at 71 years old on October 2, 2016. My mother wrote this poem about him:

I Didn't Know
Losing his memory…said it was scary
There are meds to help Larry
        I didn't know
TV Remote confused him… Larry you have used this for years
Saw his fear
       I didn't know
Finances were confusing…numbers and all
I will help while climbing the wall
      I didn't know
How come you don't see what I see
No, please quit asking me
      I didn't know
Hospitals, doctors, home, falls and rage at night
Fear, concern and fright
      I didn't know
Brought him home…we will care
Not realizing the wear and tear
      I didn't know
Friends came to visit…Larry said something wrong with my brain
My tears started to falll like rain
      He knew
He joked with care givers…then took a turn…quiet and pain
How my heart does yearn
      I didn't know
Last words mumbled…I love you
I love you too
      I knew
God took him home and gave him peace…a rainbow appeared,
he had no more fear
I love you forever
      and now I know…

Susan Sanders

Dec 23, 2016