May 2013

Please hurry the research to help people with this disease! My husband, Robert, cannot get up out of a chair by himself but when helped up he can walk. The aide and I walk him through grocery stores-hand him a sweet potato, etc., and keep talking to him about what’s there to keep his brain stimulated. He enjoys that. Lately, with trepidation, we took him to the indoor public pool. I made several trips first to see where we are allowed to change him, to question the lifeguard as to how to proceed. Well, try it if you can. This pool has an area where you can walk in holding railing or go in a special wheelchair. We kept telling him what we were going to do. The lifeguard gave him a ski belt and a plastic floatable dumbbell in each hand. He floated and looked so happy. Also, we keep the music on almost all the time, even when he is sleeping. I believe it really helps him.

Edith Kaplan

May 18, 2013