I have stopped loving my husband

My husband has had lewy Body  and Alz for 8 yrs and because of emotional abuse I admitted him to a conv. home 9 months ago. He continues to abuse me for putting him there when I visit.  He has become violent and angry with staff and an elderly lady. He was a gentleman and i don't recognize my husband of 40 yrs anymore. I don't think about him much or pray  for him unless the phone rings and i expect more bad news .He has been asked to leave this conv. home but nobody else wants to take him. Am I in denial or anger stage of mourning? I cry when I look at old pictures of him. I couldn't see him for a month after last violent bout and i was glad. I had been trying 2x week and he spent the whole time compaining that he couldn't come home and nothing was the matter with him while I tried to have a conversation. I have had counceling but it doesn't work. Can anybody relate?

marie farwell

Jun 18, 2016