Forever Changed

August 2014, will mark one year that our lives changed forever. Little did I know that my dad was about to be diagnosed with the evilest disease I’ve ever witnessed.

I noticed a personality change in my dad in August. He became irritable, his answers to questions were off. You couldn’t tell if he was kidding or being serious He started to experience balance problems and falls. He became paranoid and became delusional which I think originated from nightmares he would have. He had experienced three months of insomnia (which we knew nothing about) until these symptoms started.

My dad’s delusions included: Thinking the government was coming for him, thinking he had no money in the bank, thinking that his well was running dry, he believed his insurance had been canceled, he believed if he left his house, that someone was changing the locks on his house, he believed the refrigerator was leaking, he thought his air conditioner wasn’t cycling correctly, the list goes on and on.

My dad’s journey continues with many doctor’s visits to his primary doctor, who never had a clue. There’s a GREAT need for education to primary care physician’s on this disease.

This led to a suicide attempt. My mother called early one morning and informed me that my dad rode his lawnmower to the end of their property and slit both his wrist and his both brachial areas on both arms. He was sent home from the hospital 48 hours later with very little help. I started researching and reading and came up with Parkinson’s which led to LBD. As I read about LBD, chills ran up my spine, realizing that my dad was the poster child for this disease.Three months after my dad’s suicide attempt, we finally got in to see the neurologist which confirmed my dad’s diagnosis. As I looked back, it was all there: Insomnia, orthostatic hypotension, falls, leaning forward, rigidity in his neck and shoulders, handwriting changes, tremor in his left thumb and hand, facial expression changes (stopped smiling and laughing), vocal changes (his voice has become faint), constipation, paranoia, delusions.I pray for strength every single day because my mother is suffering Bipolar and dementia and now my dad has LBD. No one deserves the emotional suffering that comes along with such cruel diseases. It’s hard watching your parents slip away a little each day. I pray for our family and yours as you and your loved ones take this journey. May God show you peace and comfort so you can take care of your loved ones with an open and strong mind, loving words and healing hands. I pray for research and a cure so others will never experience the pain and emotional strain of this disease.
Because of LBD, we are forever changed.

Beth Hendrix Davis

Jul 13, 2015