father with LBD

My father (67yo) has recently been diagnosed with LBD – well the specialist keeps talking about LBD, although we initially thought it was parkinsons. But the symptoms match what others have said re LBD that I’m not too worried if an actual diagnosis is ever given. All I know is that he isnt well, and needs our help. Initially we put memory loss down to just getting a bit old and silly. Then about a year later the shuffling and drooped head and constant tiredness started. The specialist has taken him off two tablets last week, that his urologist put him on – but the withdrawl symptoms were terrible and he ended up in hospital. The first time I saw him in a hospital bed, looking so fragile and lost was the same night he said his most articulate sentence in about 2 years.Talk about a mixed bag.

The new drugs start tomorrow so its fingers and toes crossed, hands joined, on bended knees with candles lit that they work. I know they wont work forever, but at least it gives us time to adapt (as someone else said).

It’s only been a week since I’ve really understood what his got and started reading other peoples stories and I’m constantly breaking down – not for myself; but for him and for my mum who takes care of him.

It’s the most unfair thing yet to happen to anyone in our family and no one will ever know why.

Here’s hoping the new meds will help


Aug 18, 2013