No, thank you, is my response to LBD. However, some choices are out of our control. You don’t even know that the battle is upon you until the invasion is well underway. Unfortunately, there isn’t a battle plan, to recover the loss, that LBD inflicts.

Battling the “unknown” certainly comes in to play with dementia of any origin. Mom died in July. One of her sister’s died a year ago. One of her brother’s has been struggling for a few years. All have been afflicted with dementia/Alzheimer’s. Some diagnosis are easier than others. God speed for research and cures for diseases that strangle the essence of someone’s life.

My Mother declined, over a 3 year period, to a state of total care. My uncle follows the same path, but at a slower pace. My aunt died of, ?, natural causes, taking care of herself, but without any memory of the past. My uncle, I’m not sure of, but my Mother was, “there,” at times, until the end. I may not have been her daughter, but was someone who cared for her. Our family goal was to maintain her quality of life and dignity until the end. For all those who find themselves on this path, I wish you strength, fortitude and compassion. Fare thee well! I travel this path with you, with heart felt regards, knowing how difficult the path may be. Your loved one is still “in there,” to be sure.

For hope, for a cure, we look to the future and the brightest minds and research. Fare thee well!


Dec 29, 2013