Elevator Ride

Elevator Ride

Every Sunday I take my mother, who is 65 and has LBD, to Sunday services. I have 3 children, ages 7-12, and between getting them ready and my mom, we always miss the first 15 minutes of service. My husband takes the kids so they can make it on time to their classes and I take my mom into the service on the 3rd floor. This last Sunday was no different. My mother and I drove to church, parked the car and walked into Church, heading towards the elevator. Along the way my mom, who once taught Spanish to college students, greets everyone, in Spanish. Some people try to respond in Spanish and others look confused but respond with a smile. We walked into the elevator with a few other people, heading towards the 3rd floor.

On the 2nd floor a young girl with special needs, using a walker enters with her caretaker. As she enters, she walks in, facing my mother. The girl seems to be 15 and has a beautiful face and sweet smile. She looks kindly at my mom, who happens to be the sweetest and kindest person I've ever known, and starts to gently touch the gold buttons on her shirt. As she does this my mom just looks on and because I know her, I can tell she is smiling and is loving this gentle girl. It was a simple act but also a very gentle and accepting touch. Meanwhile, the young girl's caretaker gently reminds her about personal space and asking before touching. My mom manages a smile, that I know was there all along…I know my mother.

The elevator opens and the young girl has to get out. She smiles and says in the sweetest voice "I'm sorry I didn't ask before touching your shirt". My mother smiles and says slowly but clearly " It's ok, I didn't mind". I knew she didn't, but I also knew that she was touched by that act. The young girl didn't avoid her or stare strangely at her, she reached toward her, kindly, gently and accepting. It was a sweet moment and I was glad the young girl did not care about personal space. She made my mom smile that morning. I felt like I was looking at two beautiful people, sharing a sweet moment of kindness towards each other. It was a gift.



Feb 17, 2018