Brother with special needs and LBD

My brother is now 68. When he was 3, he hit his head on the coffee table and due to lack of oxygen, caused trauma to his brain and became special needs. He was forced to retire at 65 due to issues with running into equipment at work. My parents have since passed and his caregivers at home are not old enough to retire. We placed him in a psychiatric hospital for 21 days (medicare limit) and they seemed to just drug him with seroquel and melatonin and ambien. He was shouting loudly, had hallucinations (bad) and was afraid to sleep. Hospital release him and he is still having issues.
For three weeks, we went to different nursing facilities and most, even though had a skilled nursing area, would not take him due to his hallucinations, yelling and anxiety (also accuses everyone of stealing his things). We found one place that is keeping him for one month on respite. There is no place willing to take these kinds of special needs patients. They only seem to want people who sit in chairs and stare out the window all day long (or mild cases of dementia). My family and I are on our last rope. We have no where else to go. Has anyone been in this situation or can provide any words of encouragement.

Thank you for listening to my story.

Colette Thomas

Jan 02, 2019