A Poem

My partner was diagnosed with Lewy Body this year(2011) in April. The rapid decline in his health and abilities have changed my life. Here is a short poem I wrote for him last night as I was reflecting on the past months and what is to come.

My Loved One with Lewy Body

The day has come, the diagnosis
You sit and cry and wonder why.
No better news by prognosis
You expect the the doctors to justify.

I feel so helpless
I am confused,
My tears are endless
A plot?, A muse?

At once you realise, you´re needed now
you stand up straight, you organise.
You ask the Pros, why and how
there´s not time now to patronise.

You check off tasks
You rearrange,
You put on masks
It´s all so strange.

He comes first,
His ills await you.
Knowledge, thirst,
The bills not few.

Let it go he´s just a man,
enjoy the times you together laugh
The heavens have a better plan,
Cherish all the time at last.

R. Hollis

Aug 06, 2011