2018 Art Show and LBDA Fundraiser, in the history books!

Recently my family hosted an art show/fundraiser with my LBD husband’s oil paintings, prints, and notecards; all on display, and for sale at a local gallery. This was our second “annual” fundraising event, and while the timing was a bit inconvenient this year as the show fell on the ever popular Columbus Day weekend (often a time where folks enjoy a getaway), we still loved every minute of it! My LBD husband struggles, but keeps engaging in life by creating amazing masterpieces daily, despite his 2 1/2 year LBD diagnosis and subsequent decline. He often struggles with holding a paintbrush, and on those days he uses his fingers to bring to life unimagined dramatic scenes on his canvas. His vibrant use of color since his LBD has advanced over time, and has ascended into florid, often a kaleidoscopic array of brilliance. He does indeed design more abstracts since losing some grasping mobility, but overall, his inner-self shines through with each new distinct painting that emerges. I am thankful for his drive and determination to partake in life in his own unique, beautiful way. Not all days are good ones, but when they are, we cherish them.

Christine Lee

Oct 27, 2018