NINDS Exploratory Grant Program in Parkinson’s Disease Research (P20- Clinical Trial Optional

This Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) invites Exploratory Grant (P20) applications for the planning and initiation of collaborative efforts to advance Parkinson’s Disease (PD) research. The goal of this program is to formalize new collaborative directions and/or novel interdisciplinary teams to address critical gaps in PD research and to establish a rigorous foundation of research discovery leading directly to an NINDS Morris K. Udall Center of Excellence (P50) application. Through this mechanism, the NINDS seeks to develop synergistic, proof-of-concept research efforts around investigator-defined gaps in PD research and support collaborative teams to develop a research plan, construct an effective administrative organization, create standardized policies/procedures, and gather rigorous preliminary data in support of novel ideas to address urgent needs and emergent issues in PD research. The Exploratory Grant theme and proposed research feasibility projects will inform the etiology, pathogenesis, or treatment of PD; investigations on related synucleinopathies may be included if such directly address the identified PD research gap.