Lewy Body Dementia Association Mentorship Program Award

The goal of this program is to promote the continued development of newly trained clinician-researchers, or experienced clinician-researchers new to LBD, into world-class LBD investigators. This might include individuals with fellowship training in movement disorders, behavioral neurology, geriatric psychiatry, or geriatric medicine. The initiative focuses on the mentorship of young or experienced investigators committed to clinical research in the Lewy body dementia arena by seasoned, established LBD investigators.

Full details, including requirements for the mentees, mentee projects, and mentors are available on the Request for Applications.

Mentees must complete and submit the Mentee Application.



A .PDF copy of the completed Mentee Application must be received via email by LBDA on or before Monday, Oct. 25, 2021, by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.