Where In The World Is Bill?

Where in the World Is Bill?
May 24, 2006


Spring is bursting in Alaska!
The snow is creeping
Up the mountains
Sending water trickles
To the creeks.
The trees are dancing
In the breeze
Sporting their vibrant
Spring green leaves.
The birds are twittering.
Happy to be home
And busy about
Fluffing their nests.
The dandelions
Make a glorious
Splash of yellow
In the green fields of grass.
The rivers are rushing
The waterfalls tumbling
Released from their
Winter snow and ice.
Beautiful sunsets
Late in the evening,
Soft dusk still
At midnight tolling.
Spring is bursting in Alaska!


Yes, we were still in Alaska on May 24, 2006. Alaska is absolutely gorgeous. We had the motor home parked in our daughter’s driveway in Anchorage. Laura and Joe have four children–Jesse, 12, Jacob 10, Jolie 7, and Jordan 5 (she turns 6 in June). This has been a great time to get more acquainted with them all. Between our schedules, we have found some time to enjoy Laura, Joe, and our grandchildren.

We spoke at three Lions Clubs, two Toastmasters Clubs, and Laura’s Sunday school class. Each group listened attentively and quietly. The response was good and questions were asked. I feel the talks were very successful for starters. Most of the people had never heard of Lewy Body Dementia. There were a couple attendees who had family members with LBD and three others who had worked with LBD patients.

We were getting everything ready for our adventure–last minute things like getting the RV and car ready to roll, collecting all the doctors’ and hospital records for Bill and me. We’re really excited about this trip. We left Anchorage May 25th to ride the ferry. Bon Voyage!