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Volunteer Corner: LBDA Needs YOU!

Volunteers are the cornerstone of our organization and are vital to raising LBD awareness in the communities in which they live and work. The 1.3 million people in the U.S. who are living with LBD need your help!

As an LBDA Volunteer you can facilitate a support group, distribute educational materials within your own community and much more. Virtual LBDA volunteer opportunities are also available and require only that you have access to telephone and internet service.

To learn more, take our short online volunteer orientation by clicking here. Or contact Toy Rooks, LBDA’s Volunteer and Family Services Coordinator at lrooks@lbda.org or 404.549.4248 for a one-on-one orientation.

Congratulations to Volunteer Irene Selak on her ‘Retirement’

We hope you will join us in saluting volunteer, Irene Selak, who is concluding her longtime service with LBDA this month. Irene joined LBDA over 8 years ago and soon became a core member of our Family Services team. Her deep commitment to LBDA’s mission resulted in Irene receiving LBDA’s Volunteer of the Year award in 2010.

Irene came to LBDA the same way many of our volunteers do, after caring for her husband, Jim, until his death in 2005. Her experience as a caregiver gave her a tremendous amount of knowledge and compassion to share with others who were on the same journey with LBD. Irene was an active and respected member of LBDA’s Forum and agreed to serve as moderator, providing a warm welcome to all new members and sharing her own personal experience with other caregivers. She also volunteered as a “Lewy Buddy” on the LBD Caregiver Link, providing email replies to thousands of LBD caregivers over the years.

On behalf of the LBDA and all of our families we serve, we extend our sincerest gratitude to Ms. Irene Selak for her tireless efforts to support and provide compassion to LBD families. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors!

Health Observances for October

October: LBD Awareness Month
Oct. 7 – 13: Mental Illness Awareness Week
Oct. 12 – 20: Bone and Joint Health National Awareness Week
Oct. 14 – 18: National Health Education Week
Oct. 20 – 26: International Infection Prevention Week