Twin Falls, Idaho

by Barbara Hutchinson

To Twin Falls
We go
To see
Brother Les.
To visit and talk
And eat and chat.
To the Twin Falls
County Fair
For a corn dog
With flair.
Bill so weak,
A golf cart
To return him
To the car.
But first the corn dog,
All dressed with ketchup,
Mustard and relish.
Oh! So good.
Then, out to the college,
The planetarium
To see
With Les’ wife Dawn,
And Flares on the sun.
Isn’t it cool,
What God has done?
Out to Sun Valley
A parade to watch,
All horse drawn craft,
Wagons and carriages,
And surreys with fringe.
Horses that dance,
And horses that prance,
All dressed up in
Fringe and bells.
And mules,
And oxen and burros,
And more.
And finally,
A Twenty Mule Team.
And then there’s the bridge
O’er the Snake River,
BASE parachutists
Jump off the bridge,
And pull the cord
To float to the river,
Colorful parachutes flowing,
To land on the bank
Way down below.
We come home one night
And hear a “meow.”
Look under the car
And what do we see?
A tiny kitty,
As scared as can be,
All black and pretty.
We coaxed her out,
Fed her some milk.
Now she’s our friend,
To travel about.

August 16-31

We were in Twin Falls for two weeks. Bill was willing to go anywhere, anytime. He seems to be getting slightly weaker. He can’t walk as far as he used to without tiring. We rented a wheelchair when we went to the parade in Sun Valley, just in case he got too tired or we had to walk a long way. While we were waiting for the parade, they sent over 100 parachutists up. It was fun to watch them.

At the planetarium, we needed the wheelchair. It was a long way down the hall, and he couldn’t walk that far. There is an elevator up to the platform where the telescope is. A special attachment for the telescope was put on especially for Bill so he could see the sun flares. It was quite well set up for people with disabilities.

Bill and I drove out to Shoshone Falls — absolutely beautiful. But there wasn’t as much water going over the falls as there is in the springtime.

We watched the BASE jumpers go off the bridge over the Snake River just outside of Twin Falls. These are people that jump with parachutes from Building, Antennae, Span (Bridges) and Earth. It is an extremely dangerous sport. No, I don’t think I will plan to do that. But it was very interesting to watch, and the parachutes are beautiful. We probably watched about twenty jumpers go off the bridge. They wait until one lands before the next person jumps.

With lots of encouragement, Bill was able to walk out to where we could watch them. We took him back to the car in the wheelchair.



Bill attended the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho. While he was there, he was in the Air Force ROTC program. He wanted to go into the Air Force and fly planes. When he found that he wouldn’t be able to fly planes because he needed glasses, he dropped out of the ROTC program. He had hoped to do some parachuting.

He worked his way through college doing landscaping, picking during the pea harvest in the Moscow area, and working in the cafeteria in his dorm.

At the beginning of his engineering math course, the professor stated, “There will only be two students who pass this class.” At the end of the term, Bill was third with a 92% average and flunked the class.

One year he came home for the holidays. On the way back, the snow was so heavy, the roads were closed. He had 1951 Ford, full of kids who had ridden home with him. They got through before the roads were closed. The radio was reporting that no one had driven through that night, but they knew better.