Thinking Outside the Box with LBD Awareness Efforts

Ninety miles east of Minneapolis, Eau Claire is a family-focused community with a population of 65,000. So when Amy Lokken decided to start an LBD support group in Eau Claire, she also decided to get creative in order to raise awareness.

As the founder of MuD – a company specializing in modular marketing systems – Amy incorporated her personal life with her business concept. In doing so, Amy brought awareness to a whole new level where she can both communicate her story and educate others about LBD.

“The display makes people take notice.” said Amy. “It’s surrounded with personal touches of photos and repetitive words which ring true in our lives with LBD”.

Amy is a caregiver for her mother, who was diagnosed with LBD five years ago. Amy incorporated her personal experience and family photos, along with information about LBD symptoms and behaviors, in a modular display which quickly gained attention in the Sacred Heart Hospital. She placed her display in the hospital corridor a few weeks prior to her first support group meeting and immediately saw the effects – people were engaged and literature was flying off the three-dimensional display.

“I asked myself, who can I bring awareness to with this display, especially in the medical community?” said Amy. “The more I live the roller coaster of living daily with LBD, the more passionate I become.”

Amy was surprised by the response she received for her support group, with people calling from across the state. Sixteen people attended the first meeting of this new support group.

For her support group, Amy produced informational packets including educational pamphlets from the LBDA website, her own personal brochure with her experience, and business cards. In addition, Amy worked with her local Aging and Disability Agency to include resource information for her community.

She found that it was much easier to start a support group than she initially thought. As word spread about her support group, Amy was approached by two local TV stations about appearing on segments spotlighting her story.

“I felt the need to step out of my comfort zone because my mother has been forced outside of hers” said Amy. “My mother was forced to change her course of life, and not by choice.”

With this one idea to promote her support group, Amy Lokken reached new audiences and sparked awareness with her creativity. There are no limits to the number of lives we can touch, when taking the LBD awareness message to new places in brand new ways.