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Team C

Team C is standing strong to promote LBD Awareness. The question of “What if it’s not Alzheimer’s?” was all too familiar for the Christie Family. After initially receiving a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, the Christie family became regular supporters of the Philadelphia area’s Memory Walk. Each year their father participated in the Walk, supporting their efforts as “Team C” walked hoping for a cure. As his condition changed it became apparent that their father did not have Alzheimer’s. With a new diagnosis of LBD, “Team C” refocused their efforts towards raising awareness for this lesser known yet quite common disease. This year’s walk was truly a “Walk to Remember” as Team C’s efforts were now in memory of their father, James Christie. James will be remembered as a strong and caring man who supported and put his family first. The Christie family hopes that by raising money and awareness for LBDA in his name they can help someone else who is fighting this disease. Read more about how Team C is standing strong to promote LBD Awareness.