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Special Events That Take Less Than 60 Days to Plan

Help raise awareness about Lewy body dementias and while raising funds to support the Lewy Body Dementia Association by organizing a fundraising event. With 60 days left to plan an event for October’s LBD Awareness Month, there are plenty of great ways to participate in this year’s movement. Here are four ways to fundraise that will please even the most time-starved participants and volunteers:

Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser – This is an affordable and beloved event that is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Simply enlist a group of your family or friends to be the chefs for a day and purchase pancake ingredients in bulk. You can buy a ready-made mix at your local grocer so all that you have to do is add is water and cook. Make sure you have syrup and butter and any other toppings you'd like to offer. Get a large enough location to set up ample tables and chairs, sell tickets and you are set to make money.

Car Wash Fundraising Ideas – When the weather is good, a car wash is an easy to do fundraiser with very little start up cost. Have members of your family or friends each bring a bucket, rags, soap and a positive attitude. Ask a local market or gas station to let you run your car wash at their location. Publicize your car wash in advance and especially on the day of the event so you have a steady stream of cars coming though. You can either take donations or charge a flat fee for the car wash.

Karaoke or Trivia Contest – These can be such a fun time for your group and community. You simply secure a location - it can be indoors or outdoors as long as you have adequate amplifying and sound equipment. Sell tickets to your friends, family and neighbors and try to get your whole community involved.

Take Your Fundraising Online – Online fundraisers are fast becoming the wave of the future!  The reason is that you can reach more supporters in less time, without leaving the comfort of your home or office. Through the online fundraising tool Firstgiving, you can leverage the power of your online network to raise awareness and funds for LBDA. Visit http://www.firstgiving.com/LBDA to get started.

These are just a few fundraising ideas. For more great ideas and tips for planning your event, contact Mark Wall, mwall@lbda.org or 404.935.6444 ext. 103.