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Physician Packet and Publication Samples

The Physician Packet provides helfpul resources on Lewy body dementia for physicians, their staff, and the patients and caregivers they serve. 


For Physicians and Staff:

  • Consensus on DLB and PDD Relationship (qty - 1) by LBDA.  Researchers now agree to include the diagnoses of 'dementia with Lewy bodies' and 'Parkinson's disease dementia' under the umbrella term, "Lewy body dementias.
  • Current Issues in LBD Diagnosis, Treatment and Research (qty - 1) by members of LBDA's Scientific Advisory Council.  Current Issues in LBD Diagnosis, Treatment and Research provides an excellent introduction to clinical and research issues for both primary care physicians and specialists. 
  • Educational DVD (qty - 1) by LBDA. An excellent educational tool for staff, which features presentations made at the second annual Many Faces of LBD Symposium, held in Coral Springs, FL in 2007.
  • Fact Sheet (qty - 1) by LBDA.  Perfect for primary care physicians and allied healthcare professionals, this 'at-a-glance' one page publication lists LBD symptoms and statistics.
  • Message to Physicians Treating LBD (qty - 1) by Dr. Bradley F. Boeve, Mayo Clinic.  This editorial encourages physicians to take a comprehensive treatment approach with their LBD patients, in order to ensure an optimum quality of life for LBD patients and their caregivers.
  • Physician Reference List (qty - 1) by LBDA's Scientific Advisory Council.  Includes references to leading research papers on Lewy body dementias.
  • Understanding Behavioral Changes in Dementia (qty - 1) - by Tanis J. Ferman, PhD, Mayo Clinic, Glenn E. Smith, PhD, Mayo Clinic, and Briana Melom, MA, LSW.  An excellent resource to help caregivers and allied healthcare professionals anticipate, understand and deal with the behavioral changes commonly seen in dementia.
    Sample Publication For LBD Patients and Caregivers:

  • An Introduction to Lewy Body Dementia - for newly diagnosed patients and their family (qty - 1) - by LBDA.  This small booklet provides easy-to-read clinical information on LBD in a patient-friendly manner. The small booklet includes basic information on LBD symptoms and treatments, what to tell the doctor when seeking a diagnosis, what to do if someone hasn’t received a diagnosis, information on medication sensitivites in LBD, and the first steps to take after receiving a diagnosis. (This booklet includes the Medical Alert Wallet Card as well.)
  • Emergency Room Medical Alert Card (qty 2) - by LBDA. Every person with LBD (and their caregiver) should carry this Medical Alert Wallet Card, which quickly informs emergency room medical professionals of important medication sensitivites
  • Facts About LBD Brochure (qty - 1) - by LBDA.  This is a must-read pamphlet for LBD families and allied healthcare professionals. Learn about LBD why early diagnosis is important, risk factors for LBD, and LBD diagnosis, symptoms, treatment and prognosis.

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