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Oprah’s Magazine Features LBD story in March issue


What happens when a beautifully sharp mind begins to unravel? Beth Macy follows the dark descent of an unlikely victim of Lewy body dementia in the March, 2011 issue of O Magazine.

Lynn Forbish was known by her colleagues at the Virginia newspaper where she worked as the Queen of the Copy Desk. “She was gruff and merciless, and on the rare days when she said she actually liked something you wrote, it felt better than a bonus check,” writes Macy. But when she sees Forbish at a party in 2006, she barely recognized her now retired colleague, "auburn wig sat askew and holding a glass of wine in her wobbling hand."

Macy paints a realistic picture of Forbish’s life before and after Lewy body dementia and allows us to peek into a friendship launched by the unlikely catalyst of LBD. Read the full story on Oprah.com