Northborough golf tourney swings at disease

During her late husband's fight with LBD, Joanne Gaynor often jolted awake at night as her husband endured the night terrors that took over his body for hours on end.  "The night terrors were scary," she said. "You couldn't wake him up, and in the morning he would have no memory of it." In 2003, Michael "Mickey" Gaynor became increasingly forgetful and the night terrors grew in number. After his wife took him to a sleep clinic, then visited more doctors to little avail, she typed her husband's symptoms into an Internet search engine. The results showed that his memory loss, night terrors and hallucinations could be symptoms of Lewy body dementia (LBD).

But today, more than a year after after his death, the family is celebrating the life of the husband, father, brother and uncle by holding a golf tournament to raise money for the LBDA. "Our goal is to educate people, spread the word about LBD and raise money for LBDA," said Alyssa Gaynor, 29, Mickey's daughter. Alyssa Gaynor and her brother, Mark, 35, began planning the tournament months ago because of their father's love of golf and had raised $12,000 as of yesterday, Alyssa Gaynor said.

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