New documentary features Parkinson's and journalist Dave Iverson

In My Father, My Brother, and Me, Dave Iverson sets off on a personal journey to understand the disease that has taken such a toll on his family. Along the way, he meets some remarkable people -- a leading Parkinson's researcher whose encounter with "frozen" heroin addicts led to a major breakthrough; a Parkinson's sufferer given a new lease on life by an experimental brain surgery; and a geneticist who helped identify some of the gene mutations responsible for Parkinson's and who is now working on drugs to fix them.

The documentary is divided into the following sections:

  1. Parkinson's: A family story
  2. A Time-Consuming Hunt for its Causes
  3. The Quest for a Cure
  4. The Stem Cell Controversy
  5. Living with Parkinson's (and the cognitive symptoms)
  6. Time is Also an Ally

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