Meet Bill!


I met Bill in December 1962. I was new in town. I had been going to church since moving to Idaho, after I graduated from High School in Salem, Oregon. I was staying at my Aunt Eva Jean’s house, just one mile across the fields from where Bill lived.

Bill came to church one day with his sister. He saw me singing in the choir and told his sister, “That’s the girl I’m going to marry.” We dated; once we went for a drive out in the hills in Idaho in early spring. Bill said, “Look at the green hills. Aren’t they beautiful?”

I, being from Western Washingtion, looked at the yellow grass and couldn’t see any green. After a few years of living in the desert, I learned to appreciate the faint hue of green as the spring grass began to show through the yellow of last year’s old grass.

On July 5, 1963, we were married in the same church where we met, and so started our lifetime adventure.