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LBDA's Volunteer of the Year

To Norma Loeb, service to others is more than just a volunteer activity — it's a way of life. Loeb was selected as the recipient of the 2011 LBDA Volunteer of the Year Award. She is one of seven nominees recognized for her outstanding commitment to serving LBD families throughout the year. Throughout her five years of volunteer service with LBDA, Norma’s capacity to help others has gone above and beyond the call of duty. She is recognized for her participation as an LBD support group facilitator for two groups in the New York City metro area. In addition to her work as a support group facilitator, Norma serves as a key resource for advancing LBDA’s visibility in the media through her professional network and savvy media expertise. Norma has been instrumental in coordinating volunteers as LBD families and caregivers organized to promote LBD Awareness Month on major television networks such as CBS and NBC.

Norma’s spirit of compassion is a light of hope for many LBD families. Her dedication to improving the lives of those affected by LBD is infectious, as new volunteers are drawn to our organization after working with Norma. On behalf of LBDA and all of the families we serve, we extend our warmest appreciation to Norma Loeb for her tireless commitment to support and advancing LBD awareness. We look forward to her continued engagement in our mission.