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LBDA's Lewy Who? PR Campaign Making Nationwide Impact

In April of this year, LBDA launched a major national advertising, public relations, and social media campaign entitled, "Lewy Who?" The purpose of this initiative was outlined as an endeavor to raise awareness of Lewy body dementia in the US within the general public and healthcare communities. Interestingly, results thus far have revealed impact on a global scale, with individuals being reached as far away as Australia.

Key information about LBD and LBDA is appearing in local and national media with notable frequency, and campaign advertisements continue to be featured on the AARP web site. To complement these efforts, central campaign messages are being communicated through LBDA social media channels, such as Facebook and Twitter. These activities have led to a marked increase in engagement by current constituents, as well as a significant rise in new constituents and fervor of social media activity.

Help us to continue to spread the word about this campaign by sharing the following link with those you encounter who need more information about LBD: