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LBDA Spring Fundraising Campaign To Launch Soon

Spring Campaign 2014 is coming! Each year, the spring campaign offers the opportunity to give to the LBD community and those friends who have been impacted by the disease. LBD is a tremendous disease that must be researched and has caregivers who rely on the education that LBDA provides.

LBDA is the leading source of education to patients and caregivers. LBDA offers training medical professionals who serve LBD patients in their medical facilities. LBDA is the leading voice on advocacy issues that affect those with LBD. The Spring Campaign is the time devoted to strengthening the voice of the LBD community, supporting programmatic initiatives and developing medical advances that will eventually eradicate this disease.

LBDA is committed to its mantra that no family should have to endure this disease. We envision a higher quality of life for patients and eventually, a life with a cure for LBD. By giving during the Spring Campaign, you will help us to move closer to a cure for LBD. Whether by mail or electronically, join us in making the Spring Campaign 2014 a success in behalf of LBD patients and families.