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LBDA’s Spring Annual Fund Underway

Robert ScardinoIn his younger years, Robert Scardino was an amazing water skier. He was the core of his family. While he had an unfortunate medical incident that forced him into early retirement and he lived in chronic pain for three years prior, certainly the family didn't expect in 2011 to hear the word "dementia" piled on top of his already existing medical issues.

Over the next few years, the family was told that his changes in memory and behavior were due to being overmedicated. As the doctor gradually took him off of the drugs, he slowly began to move again, but he had pretty much quit eating and the hallucinations were beyond explanation. It was at that point in 2013 that the family was FINALLY told that Robert had Lewy body dementia.

I would describe my father as a hardworking man who loved his family and loved having fun. He was the type of guy that never sat still and always made time to help his family and friends. He was a perfectionist in many ways, and was that guy that would tell you to always give 110% to whatever you do, and by no means do you ever quit.

My family had never heard of Lewy body dementia before, therefore, did not know to ask about this or know how to be an adequate advocate for my dad. The Lewy Body Dementia Association has provided us with information about the disease, helped us to anticipate what was to come and, most importantly, how other families manage. Reading the stories of other families gives comfort in dealing with this terrible disease.

Please help LBD families like mine by donating to LBDA.
- Robin Scardino Soulant