July 2017 Lewy Digest | Lewy Body Dementia Association LBDA

July 2017 Lewy Digest

Biomarkers: Pathways to Earlier Diagnosis & Better Treatment

One of the biggest barriers to early diagnosis and better treatments in LBD is the lack of a biomarker. Simply put, a biomarker is a biological test that confirms the presence, or progression, of a disease. Biomarkers can be used in a variety of ways, such as diagnosing a disorder, assessing the progression of a disease, or measuring the effects of a potential treatment in a clinical trial.

Finding LBD biomarkers is one of the top research recommendations for LBD in the National Plan to Address Alzheimer's Disease (NAPA) and other related dementias. Thanks to increases in dementia research funding, the National Institutes of Health recently funded four new LBD biomarker research studies.

Each of these studies will carefully assess people with LBD for up to five years, with the goal of reaching a better understanding of how biological changes result in the symptoms of the disease. These studies will also establish a new and rich resource for the LBD scientific community - a national, centralized collection of LBD clinical and biological data.

Everyone that participates in one of these studies will be provided details related to the study up front. A professional on the research team will provide information on what the study involves, any treatment or tests involved, any benefits from participating in the study, and any risks that may be associated with the study.

Initially, a physical and some tests will be conducted prior to examination of any LBD-related symptoms. Some studies will include more advanced testing, such as an MRI and other scans to determine a starting point and find out if there are identifiable progressions.

You can learn more about biomarkers, and find studies currently enrolling by clicking here.

Volunteer Spotlight: Seibert Family

"We volunteer because we enjoy our time together as a family and seeing the impact that sharing our time and skills has on the individuals and families we've interacted with."

"The LBD Awareness Walk, organized in my father's honor, created such a feeling of community for those that participated, our family agreed that is was one of the most moving experiences in our lives." ~ Kevin Seibert

Caregiver Corner

Old friends may not understand they need to introduce themselves or they may say things like "I'm Bill, do you remember me?" This can be demeaning for someone with dementia. Instead, take the initiative and say "Hi Bill, are you still fishing at the lake?" This tells your loved one how they know them while introducing a topic of discussion that isn't on your loved one's health.
Webinar: Biomarkers in LBD

LBDA's Ask the Expert webinar features three LBD researchers who are each studying LBD from different perspectives with the aim of identifying a biomarker. These exciting studies represent major new investments in LBD research by the National Institutes of Health.

Click here to view the recording.

An Image of Love

Love is a collection of little moments built upon each other. Share those moments of your loved one with friends and family while spreading awareness of this terrible disease.

With an honor/tribute design, you can create something that let’s your friends and family know just what your loved one means to you. A unique design, including photos of your loved one, and a special quote make the perfect honorary or memorial piece that can be shared on your Facebook page.

Their love touched your life. Let that love shine through you with a honor/tribute design by clicking here.

It's Out Birthday!

This week we're celebrating our 14th birthday! 14 years of providing caregiver support and services, educating the public and medical professionals on LBD, and hearing your stories and connecting communities. We're so happy to be celebrating 14 years with you.

Thank you for making this possible.