January 2018 Lewy Digest | Lewy Body Dementia Association LBDA

January 2018 Lewy Digest

Month Of Kindness

Happy New Year! 2018 is a very special year for the Lewy Body Dementia Association because we are celebrating our 15th Anniversary!  We are very excited to announce that every month we will be implementing a special theme to incorporate LBDA’s mission.  We have designated January as LBDA’s Month of Kindness!  We encourage everyone to perform acts of kindness throughout the month.  This may include reading a special book or poem to your loved one, spending time looking at photos, or picking some flowers for a caregiver.  We encourage you to brighten someone’s day and make them feel special!  Being kind is contagious.  Start a kindness streak today!

LBDA is continuing our mission to support those affected by Lewy body dementias, their families and caregivers through outreach, education and research.  We are even more dedicated to raising awareness and promoting scientific advances. We are still in need of your help to keep our efforts going.  Please consider starting 2018 with a donation to LBDA to enable us to help others in need.

DLB Genetics Are Uniquely Different from Parkinson's 

A complete set of a person’s DNA is referred to as the ‘human genome’. Acting as the blueprint of the cells in the body, researchers can study the entire genome sequencing to identify which individual genes are causing disease. This is the first ever large-scale genome-wide association study of people with dementia with Lewy bodies. Read more about the study HERE

LBDA Spotlight Corner

LBDA would like to shine a spotlight on nursing homes and their continued assistance to helping our care partners care for their loved ones. Nursing homes, also known as skilled nursing facilities, provide a wide range of health and personal care services for people with short or long-term rehabilitation needs.
Choosing to take advantage of one of the nation’s many skilled nursing facilities can be a major decision for you and your family. Each individual person or family has their own set of specific needs. The National Institute of Aging has provided a great strategy for long-term care.
Be sure to check out their tips HERE!

Care Partner Tips for the Everyday Person

The inability to regulate one’s body temperature is one of the symptoms that can come with LBD. Keeping your loved one warm during this record low winter is key. 

  • Be conscious of over bundling indoors and under bundling when out and about.
  • The days are shorter in the winter.
  • Be sure to mimic the daylight by turning on indoor lights.
  • This will help maintain the circadian rhythm and will also help with sleep patterns and issues.