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Introducing the LBD Caregiver Link

Since 2003, LBDA has helped thousands of families find understanding and support through our Caregiver Helpline, staffed by dedicated, compassionate, experienced LBD caregiver volunteers.  In an effort to sustain the growing demand for LBDA’s Family Services, we’re changing the format of the Caregiver Helpline to better serve even more LBD families.  LBD families and caregivers can connect more directly with LBDA volunteers on a regional basis, through our new LBD Caregiver Link, featuring our “Lewy Buddies.” “Lewy buddies" are experienced LBD caregivers who volunteer their time and experience to LBD families by:

  • Listening compassionately and confidentially to the challenges of LBD families and sharing their own personal experience with LBD
  • Offering emotional support
  • Referring families to additional LBDA programs and services as appropriate for their needs

While Lewy Buddies are not able to provide medical advice and are not medical professionals, they are typically well informed about LBD through their personal experiences and volunteer training with LBDA. 

For more information about the Lewy Buddies program or to become involved as a volunteer Lewy Buddy please visit LBDA’s LBD Caregiver Link.