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He Never Stopped Teaching

Chuck and Florrie MunatMy husband Chuck was a teacher…

For ten years, he taught high school English in Chicago’s inner city. As a writer and editor of a national newsmagazine published by the Weekly Reader Corporation, he taught reading, financial and job skills to teenagers who read at an elementary school level. He taught communication skills to adults who wanted to become nurses in Hartford, Connecticut. He taught GED and public speaking classes. In his retirement he taught fellow genealogists how to research family histories.

In Chicago, Chuck taught Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” to hundreds of students. He would challenge them to cite three consecutive words from the play, and then he would identify the act and scene from which the words came, the character who spoke them, and to whom. One day shortly after his LBD diagnosis, we were sitting in his room at the nursing home about to sign our election ballots. He began to weep because he could not remember his last name.

An enduring love…

In spite of his diminished cognitive and physical abilities, he taught me to accept our new relationship by gradually accepting it himself. Yes, we had to adjust to a new routine of him as a nursing home resident and me as his daily visitor, and yes, there were awful days as we rode the LBD rollercoaster into new and often frightening territory. In the end we were left with one overriding truth: not even LBD could destroy the bonds of love between us. They were strong, enduring and real. And he taught me that.

LBDA Support…

I became involved with the LBDA shortly after Chuck’s diagnosis, first simply writing and reading in the caregivers’ chat room. Later I wrote and edited some LBDA publications, served on the Science Committee and submitted LBD caregiver stories to their website. By getting involved I discovered I was not walking my LBD journey alone and that was a key factor in my survival as a caregiver.

Giving Back…

Chuck has been gone three years now, but I continue to work for and contribute financially to the LBDA in gratitude for what they have done for me. I also contribute because there is a new generation of LBD caregivers who need to know that help and information are there for them. I want to give back what has been given to me because that is how we all survive. Chuck taught me that too. I invite you to donate to the Lewy Body Dementia Association to increase knowledge, share experience and build hope for LBD families like mine.

– Florrie Munat

The LBDA is the only organization in the United States that provides comprehensive information, education and support for 1.3 million people and their families affected by Lewy body dementia.

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Do you know someone who has LBD?

Lewy body dementia (LBD) is a progressive brain disease and the second leading type of degenerative dementia. It is debilitating and incurable…and the odds are that you are someone you know will be affected by LBD during your lifetime.

The Lewy Body Dementia Association is the nation’s only source for comprehensive information and support for the 1.3 million families affected by this devastating disease.

What Your Dollar Can Do

$50 enables an LBDA Support Group to offer help and support to families for three months.

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$250 provides vital resources and information on Lewy body dementias to 20 physicians.

$500 provides the latest information on LBD diagnosis and treatment options to 50 families.

$1,000 delivers an update on LBD news and events to thousands of Lewy Body Digest online subscribers.

$5,000 sponsors a program to create nationwide awareness of LBD.

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