Family and Friends Gather in New York to Support LBD | Lewy Body Dementia Association LBDA

Family and Friends Gather in New York to Support LBD

A cocktail reception to benefit LBDA was hosted by and held at the New York apartment of Dina Merrill and Ted Hartley.

Norma Loeb and Ted Hartley welcome guests

Norma Loeb, LBDA board member, and Ted Hartley welcome everyone to the reception.

Dr. James Galvin

James E. Galvin, M.D., M.P.H. talks about Lewy body dementia with the guests.  He is a member of the LBDA Scientific Advisory Council and Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry, Director of Clinical Operations, Center of Excellence on Brain Aging Director, Pearl Barlow Center for Memory Evaluation and Treatment, New York University Langone School of Medicine.

Whoopi Goldberg shares her regrets for not attending and offers encouragement and hope for all who are touched with the disease.

Glenn Pargament and Robert Halper: Son-in-law and son of a man who had LBD.

Jennifer Shephard-Brookman, Stephanie Antell, and Myrna Shephard: their father/husband has the disease.

Marta Mooney (second from left) and friends. Her husband has LBD.