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Caregiver Packet


The Caregiver Packet provides helpful resources on Lewy body dementia for caregivers of a person with LBD. These resources can be shared with friends, family and healthcare professionals to introduce LBD to those unfamiliar with the disease.

While contents may vary based on availability, below is an example of resources included in this packet:

  • Lewy Who Handout (qty: 1)
  • Understanding Behavioral Symptoms (qty: 1)
  • Comprehensive LBD Symptom Checklist (qt: 1)
  • Comprehensive Treatment Summary (qt: 1)
  • An Introduction to Lewy Body Dementia for Newly Diagnosed Patients and Their Families (qty: 1)
  • NIH Booklet (qty: 1)
  • Medical Alert Card (qty: 2)

The maximum quantity of each individual item is noted separately. You may order 1 packet at no cost.

A maximum order of 1 is allowed.