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Boy Scout Organizes Silent Auction

In pursuing his Citizen in the Community merit badge, Boy Scout Liam Vaughn of Newport News, VA, wanted to make an impact that had meaning in his personal life. He didn't have to go far.

After watching his 60-year old father battle LBD for eight years, Liam wanted to do something to help advance LBD research. With the help of his mother, Celeste, Liam decided to raise money for LBDA by holding a silent auction. The fundraiser was held June 1–11, 2010, and was hosted by the Riverside Wellness & Fitness Center in Peninsula.

Celeste and Liam had moved Paul into a nursing home and had spent several months trying to “find their footing” again and recover from the difficult years of caregiving. “The opportunity to host a fundraiser was one of the first healing and positive things we were able to do that made us feel like we had some control,” Celeste said.

Together, they realized that every person can play a vital role in raising LBD awareness in their community by hosting special events. And that goes a long way towards raising national awareness and providing more funds for LBD research.

Through his silent auction, Liam met the community service project requirements for his Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge and raised $3,900 for LBDA research and awareness — and he also found healing along the way. We salute Liam for his hard work and accomplishments in Boy Scouts!