Are You Looking for Bill?



M/V Malaspina
The Queen of the Fleet
Of the Alaska
Marine Highway
Oh! What is that?
It is a whale.
First a spout
And then a tail.
We glide through
Silent still water
Sometimes choppy
Sometimes waves.
Green forest hills
And snow capped mountains,
Beauty all around
Ah! such sights to behold
A cruise ship we see
Going into Ketchikan
A sight to see
So Big and fancy.
We leave port first,
And then we see her
Playing peek-a-boo
Behind the island.
Oh! Now we’re in
the open water
We roll and we rock
Over the waves.
We meet Sailboats,
Fishing boats,
And barges pulled
By tugboats.
What a sight
The water’s busy;
Boats above and
Creatures below.
We come to port
Good bye our ferries.
Now we start our
Drive across America.

 The M/V Malaspina is the oldest ferry in the Alaskan Marine Highway Fleet. It was built in 1963. We were on the Malaspina approximately 64 hours. We had a four berth cabin with facilities. Just enough room for us. We met some new friends there. One of the ladies was traveling with her husband. She had ALS, and was unable to walk. He took excellent care of her. They were a lovely couple. She was very chatty and wonderful.

We had a naturalist on board who kept us informed of where we were on the chart, and gave us instructional lessons and showed movies. She talked about the whales and land mammals and kept things interesting.

I took Bill for walks around the deck. It was too cold and windy for him outside, so we walked on the cabin deck. We could walk the entire length of the ferry on the cabin deck.


Our first Christmas, Bill got me a stuffed dog. It had bells in its ears and it really was cute. Two or three weeks later he brought home the real puppy, a cute little Miniature Pekinese. It was absolutely darling and I loved Bill and the little puppy. She was just six weeks old when we got her. We called her Princess.

One of his students raised Miniature Pekinese as an FFA project. Princess was one of the puppies raised by his student.

Bill would also bring me flowers about once a week, just pretty little bouquets. I would put them in a vase and we would enjoy them for a few days.