Angela Taylor Joins LBDA Staff

The Lewy Body Dementia Association is extremely pleased to announce that Angela Taylor is transitioning from her significant role on the Board of Directors to an equally meaningful staff role. Angela brings a unique collection of experience and knowledge to her new position. “At LBDA’s current stage of development, we need someone with a variety of skills and a depth of knowledge about LBD and LBDA who can step in wherever needed,” said CEO Kim Mitchell.

As LBDA’s new Program Director, Angela focuses much of her time and talents on keeping abreast of scientific advances relating to LBD, communicating information about LBD through the Association’s website and educational publications, and serving as the liaison to LBDA’s prestigious Scientific Advisory Council.

Having served as board president for three years, she is extremely knowledgeable about LBDA’s history, current programs, its key constituents, and about the disease itself. Angela also brings her deep commitment to all involved with LBDA and to its mission.

Because Angela’s family always comes first in her life, her work for LBDA is done on a half-time basis. Angela continues to act as a part-time caregiver for her father who has LBD, and is busy raising her two daughters, ages 11 and 13. “I’m very excited to enter into a new phase in my work with LBDA,” said Taylor. “Working at the staff level allows me to focus 100% of my energies on the heart of our mission – increasing knowledge, sharing experience, building hope. This is what I came to LBDA for as a caregiver and is what I am most excited about offering in my new capacity as a staff member.”

Angela can be reached via email by clicking here or through the LBDA at 404-935-6444.