Living Well with Lewy Live Webinar

Living Well with Lewy Live Webinar

December 19, 2018

Join us on Wed., Dec. 19 at 3:00 p.m. (Eastern time) for our last webinar of 2018! 
Our guest speaker is John Duda, MD, a long-standing member of LBDA’s Scientific Advisory Council. He will be presenting on maximizing wellness for people with LBD. Learn how exercise and physical activity, nutrition, reducing stress, and maintaining good sleep and social connections are as important as medications for living well with LBD.

Dr. Duda is the Director of the Parkinson’s Disease Research, Education and Clinical Center for the Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center, the Co-Director of the Center for Neurotrauma, Neurodegeneration and Restoration of the Cpl. Michael J. Crescenz VA Medical Center and an Associate Professor of Neurology at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.
His research interests include studying the role of Lewy bodies in LBD and Parkinson’s disease. He has studied a variety of treatments for people with Parkinson’s disease, including deep brain stimulation therapy, transcranial magnetic stimulation, the benefits of a plant-based, whole food diet, and the use of smell as a biomarker of disease diagnosis and progression. 

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