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Tell Your Story to the Media and Government

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Raise your voice and LBD awareness by telling your personal LBD story to the local media and government. The very best way to get people to take notice of LBD is to “put a face on the disease.” It’s hard to ignore a disease that affects your community directly. Connecting with your local media can help build awareness of LBD and any fundraising activities in your local community.

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Tips for Media Outreach

Ask Local Government to Make October “LBD Awareness Month”

Tips for Media Outreach

The following tips will help guide you through media outreach:

Tell Your Story

Sharing your story will help make LBD an important cause to the people in your community.

Provide a Call to Action

Give the media an opportunity to “put a face on the disease” by highlighting local fundraising activities in the area (including yours), giving them a chance to interview participants and helping them tell a timely story.

Build a Media List

Identify media contacts in your area, and reach out to them with a phone call or email to introduce yourself and LBD.

Write a Press Release

This media tool informs your local media about the cause and your personal story.

Ask Local Government to Make October “A Month to Remember” for LBD Awareness Month

Public officials can help make LBD Awareness Month a newsworthy event. Receiving a proclamation from a mayor or governor can increase awareness about LBD among public officials, the media and the public.

Make an appointment with your city, county or state public official.

Tell them your story (briefly) and the importance of LBD as a public health issue.

Provide them with facts about LBD, via the LBD Awareness Movement Flyer.

Ask them to sponsor a proclamation about LBD.

Media Tools:

LBD Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

Share the LBD Awareness Movement PSA (Please contact for original files for the media)

30 Second PSA Script:

October is Lewy Body Dementia Awareness Month. Lewy body dementia, or LBD, is a progressive brain disease that affects thinking, movement and behavior. More than one point three million Americans have Lewy body dementia, but it’s highly under-diagnosed. To learn more about LBD or to find support, please visit the Lewy Body Dementia Association at w-w-w-dot-L-B-D-A-dot-org.

(Note to media: Lewy is pronounced like the name Louie.)

60 Second PSA Script:

Everyone knows about Alzheimer’s disease. But it’s not the only cause of dementia. Lewy body dementia or LBD is a progressive brain disease that affects almost everything about a person: thinking, movement, behavior.

If someone you know is experiencing changes in memory or thinking, plus ANY of the following – slowness of movement, hallucinations, or disturbed sleep, like acting out dreams – tell their doctor.

You don’t have to face this disease alone. To learn more or find support, visit the Lewy Body Dementia Association at w-w-w-dot-l-b-d-a-dot-org.

Marketing Materials

Sample Press Release

Sample Online News Outlet Comment on LBD
Let them know that it is not always Alzheimer's! If you see stories on online news outlets that use the term Alzheimer's, in place of the broader term, dementia, please comment on the news outlet's story. Click on the link above for sample content on Lewy body dementia (LBD) to help you spread the word.

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