1/20/2012 - New guidelines on diagnosing Alzheimer's will also improve the rate of detection of Lewy bodies and changes of other neurodegenerative disease at autopsy.

06/29/2011 - GE Healthcare announced recently the availability of DaTscan™ (Ioflupane I 123 Injection), in more than 80 hospitals across the US. DaTscan is the first FDA-approved radiopharmaceutical adjunct imaging agent to help physicians evaluate patients with suspected parkinsonian syndromes, such as Parkinson's disease (PD). 

05/11/2011 - Scientists studying alpha-synuclein, the protein involved in Lewy body dementia and Parkinson’s disease, have found that in its natural, healthy state the protein has a radically different structure than previously thought.

03/16/2011 - Do you know the difference between a CT scan, an MRI, or SPECT or PET scans? LBDA has put together a helpful overview on the different types of brain imaging and how they help differentiate between forms of dementia.