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Raise Awareness

Come Together to Raise Awareness!

The LBD Awareness Movement is a national, grass roots effort to increase LBD awareness in the general public and medical profession.  Though some programs and activities are limited to the United States, we are pleased to receive inquiries about participation from across the globe.

Every person CAN make a difference. Remember, it all begins with awareness!

All international participants who want to distribute LBDA materials (which are available only in English) to their physicians will receive materials via postal mailing.

In addition to delivering new campaign materials to the largest practices that provide care for older adults in your area, here are some suggested activities for raising LBD awareness in your country:

  • Translate LBD awareness materials into your country's language – we suggest LBD Awareness Flyer, as it is a perfect introduction to LBD for the general public.
  • Create a personal fundraising page through Firstgiving.org – creating a page is simple and easy to share with your friends worldwide.
  • Distribute the LBD Awareness poster to physicians in your local community or post it in a public location. This new resource is now available for self-printing. Be sure to adjust your print instructions to "print to fit" on a single page.
  • Show your support for LBD Awareness Month by sharing the LBD Awareness Movement logo far and wide with your family and friends.
  • Like us on Facebook – Connect with LBDA's fans on facebook and raise awareness. Like our page and share it with your friends on Facebook.
  • Share your story in your local media – No one can tell the story about LBD better than you. Sharing your story will help make LBD an important cause to the people in your community and will bring comfort to LBD families who no longer feel so alone.
  • Make a donation to LBDA – Build new hope for the families who are affected by this devastating disease by donating online. Your support allows LBDA to develop new programs and resources to bring LBD out of the shadows.