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LBD Diagnostic Symptoms Checklist- This checklist is specifically designed to aid in reporting those symptoms which are involved in diagnosing dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB), the most undiagnosed form of Lewy body dementia.

Comprehensive LBD Symptoms Checklist- This expanded checklist includes both symptoms required for the diagnosis of LBD and many other symptoms common in LBD that may appear as the disease progresses.

Fact Sheet- Perfect for primary care physicians and allied health-care professionals, this "at-a-glance" one-page publication lists LBD symptoms and statistics.

Current Issues in LBD Diagnosis, Treatment and Research - Written by members of LBDA's Scientific Advisory Council, Current Issues in LBD Diagnosis, Treatment and Research provides an excellent introduction to clinical and research issues for both primary care physicians and specialists.

Caregiver Burden in Lewy Body Dementia - Nearly 80% of people with Lewy body dementias (LBD) received a diagnosis for a different cognitive, movement or psychiatric disorder before ultimately learning they had Lewy body dementia, according to LBD caregivers. Learn more about their experiences seeking medical care for LBD and the impact of being an LBD caregiver.

Treating Psychosis in LBD - For all physicians treating psychosis in LBD, this webpage includes an overview on LBD, key considerations to take BEFORE treating behavioral disturbances in LBD, and treatment options.

Consensus on PDD and DLB - Researchers now agree to include the diagnoses of "dementia with Lewy bodies" and "Parkinson's disease dementia" under the umbrella term "Lewy body dementias." 

Message to Physicians Treating LBD Patients - This editorial by Dr. Brad Boeve encourages physicians to take a comprehensive treatment approach with their LBD patients in order to ensure an optimum quality of life for LBD patients and their caregivers.