Premiere of Boss on Starz

Premiere of Boss on Starz

October 21, 2011

Kelsey Grammer, known for his roles on both the big and small screen, stars in his first damatic series, Boss, as the mayor of Chicago, Tom Kane.  Kane is a ruthless politician and is keeping a secret from everyone but his doctor - he has Lewy body dementia.

Even before the premiere of its' eight-episode first season, Starz Entertainment ordered a 10-episode second season. Production on the second season of "Boss" is expected to begin early 2012.

"Kelsey Grammer is riveting," says Jonathan Storm of the Philadelphia Inquirer, and RedEye Chicago's Curt Wagner comments that, "Grammer delivers a bravura performance." "Boss" gets an "A-" from the Boston Globe's Matthew Gilbert, noting "the script is tight and ambitious."

The series premiere is available online for early screening this week. "The opening scene includes a bleak description of the relentless progression of LBD," stated Angela Taylor, LBDA's Director of Programs, after watching the first episode.  "LBD families may notice some creative license is employed to make the show more entertaining, but this is a big step forward for national LBD awareness."  

To watch the first episode online, visit  (Please note that the show contains mature content and is not appropriate for children.)

Boss premieres on Friday, October 21, 2011 on the Starz network at 10 pm ET/PT.