November 2014 Newsletter

Could Alzheimer’s Drug Extend Survival in LBD

Could Alzheimer’s Drug Extend Survival in LBD?

While symptoms of LBD may be improved with treatment, medications have not been shown to affect the length of time someone lives with LBD.  A new study suggests otherwise. Learn more.


LBD Frequently Asked Question: Why is a Formal LBD Diagnosis Important?

A common question mentioned in the LBDA Forum last month was: Why is it important to get an actual LBD diagnosis? My doctors don't know much about this disease. Can't they just treat my loved one's symptoms without worrying about the diagnosis? Find out why a diagnosis is so important. Learn more.

Article Highlights how LBDA & LBS Support Families and Healthcare Workers

Paper Highlights how LBDA & LBS Support Families and Healthcare Workers

A new paper co-authored by LBDA’s own Director of Programs Angela Taylor, spells out how LBD charities reduce the personal distress experienced by LBD families and may reduce excessive use of the health system. Read more.

 LBD vs. ALZ vs. PD

Let’s Clear Up the Confusion

Many people confuse LBD symptoms with that of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson ’s disease. It’s no wonder LBD is the most misdiagnosed form of dementia. Let’s clear up the confusion. Download our helpful comparison chart and brochure, Lewy Who? Recognizing when it’s not Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease.

Simplify Your Meds

News You Can Use: Simplify Your Medicines

Do you have multiple prescription medicines that need to be filled each month for yourself or someone you provide care for? Many pharmacies offer a program to help simplify medication refills. Pat Snyder explains how the program works.

Diet and Exercise as LBD Progresses

Diet and Exercise as LBD Progresses

Maintaining a healthy diet and staying physically active is important to everyone. But as LBD progresses, caregivers often worry about whether they are providing enough exercise and nutrition. How much focus should be placed on diet and exercise as LBD advances?

Volunteer corner

Volunteer Corner

Read about Awareness Month activities, when to request materials, a support group reminder and National Family Caregiver’s Month.