November 2013 Newsletter

Elevated Blood Lipids Increase Dementia Risk in Parkinsons

Elevated Blood Lipids Increase Risk of Dementia in Parkinson’s

New research into blood lipids in people with Parkinson’s disease may lead to blood tests that indicate which people with Parkinson’s are at risk for cognitive impairment and dementia. Read more.

Are patches or pills more effective for medication?

Ask the Expert: Which Cognitive Medication Delivery is More Effective? A Patch or Pill?

Medications to treat impaired memory and cognitive function in LBD are available in pill and patch form. Learn whether there is a difference between the two forms and what medications should be considered. Dr. Howard Hurtig of University of Pennsylvania answers this common caregiver question. Read more.

LBD Incidence in General Population

Incidence of Lewy Body Dementias in a General Population

A new study examines for the first time in North America the incidence of Lewy body dementias and its distribution by age and sex in the general population. Learn more.

Join Our Forum LBDA Volunteer Corner Why We Have to be Educated About LBD

Resource of the Month: Caring for Someone with LBD? Join Our Discussion Forum.

LBDA Volunteer Corner: Continuing education suggestions, support groups, and November events.

LBD Story: Why We Have to be Educated About LBD