May 2014 Newsletter

Aerobics may help against dementia

Can Exercise Help Older Women at Risk for Dementia?

Regular aerobic workouts increase the size of the brain's memory area in older women and may help slow the progression of dementia, according to a new study. Learn more.

Adult day service boosts beneficial hormones in caregivers

Adult Day Service Boosts Beneficial Stress Hormone in Caregivers

A new study reveals family caregivers have an increase in a beneficial stress hormone on days when they use an adult day service for their relatives with dementia. Learn more.

LBD Caregiving and Employment

LBD Caregiving and Employment – A Challenging Combination

Caring for someone with LBD can feel like a full-time job. But when the caregiver is also employed outside the home, there are competing demands on the caregiver’s time, energy and attention. Many workplaces have unique benefits for caregivers. Learn more.

Loving Through Lewy

From the time we met, John always had a slight tremor in his hands. He had it for years and always thought it was just nerves. In 2007, I noticed the shaking getting worse, but John once again brushed it off. Read Jane & John's story.

Mayo Clinic Seminar on LBD Employer matching donation programs LBDA Webinar

Mayo Clinic Offers Family Seminar On LBD

Consider LBDA for Employee Matching Gifts Programs

LBDA Webinar - Living with LBD: The Firsthand Perspective