January 2014 Newsletter

VA eases benefits for veterans with LBD

Disability Benefits for Veterans with Brain Injury and LBD

LBDA applauds the new ruling by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) that eases access to healthcare and disability pay for five different conditions when linked to traumatic brain injury (TBI), including Lewy body dementia. Read more.

Help raise LBD awareness by hosting an event

Want to Raise LBD Awareness? Host a Community Fundraiser in 2014

The New Year is here and our resolve grows ever stronger. LBD deserves the public’s attention and families need our support. Let us strengthen our fight against LBD together in 2014. Join volunteers throughout the country who raise LBD awareness through hosting a local community fundraiser. Learn how.

Maxine: An Acrostic Poem

LBD Stories: An LBD Acrostic Poem

It is a gut-wrenching truth that LBD caregivers lose someone they love in bits and pieces throughout the course of the disease. It’s a palpable grief that is hard to escape. Some people find they can face that pain by putting words to their grief. This month’s LBD story is a loving daughter’s tribute to her mother, in the form of an acrostic poem that spells out Lewy body dementia with each line. Read Maxine.


Volunteer Corner: Take Care of You LBD booklet now available from NIA Drug Discovery for Neurodegeneration Conference

Volunteer Corner: Take Care of You

Resource of the Month: NIH Booklet on LBD

8th Annual Drug Discovery for Neurodegeneration Conference