Happy 10th Birthday to LBDA! | Lewy Body Dementia Association LBDA

Happy 10th Birthday to LBDA!

This July, LBDA celebrates 10 years of increasing knowledge, sharing experience and building hope for the 1.3 million people affected by Lewy body dementias (LBD). With the continued support of LBDA’s dedicated volunteers and donors, a growing staff of nonprofit professionals and the guidance of our Scientific Advisory Council and our Board of Directors, we are proud to continue serving more families affected by LBD every year.

This report features a look back at LBDA’s earliest days, to contrast what was a staggering void of even basic information on LBD available to the general public, with the growing resources for all LBD families and the medical professionals who care for them, provided by LBDA. In celebration of our ten year anniversary, we invite you to join us in paying tribute to the following people who played a role in events that contributed to the formation of LBDA. They were each a pioneer and visionary in their own way and without their initiative LBDA may not be here today.

August 2000 Anne Hilgeman created an online support group on Yahoo for LBD caregivers, called “LBDcaregivers.”
August 2000 Imelda Fagin launched a new website called www.lewybodydisease.org. Eve Fleming provided access to professional graphic design resources to develop a logo for the website. The logo and website were later donated to LBDA.
July 2002 Eileen Schott started a second online support group on Yahoo for spouses of LBD patients, called “LBD_caringspouses.”
March 2003 Sandie Pearce began coordinating the very first LBD Caregiver Gathering in La Crosse, WI for members of the Yahoo support group.
May, 2003 Jim Whitworth, Jan Childress, Betty Wittenberg distributed information on LBD at an AARP conference in Sacramento, California, and were joined by John Young at the event.
July 2003 Jim, Jan and Betty were joined by Imelda Fagin and Peggy Smith as founders of the Lewy Body Dementia Association.
August 2003 The LBDA Board of Directors had its first meeting while attending the LBD Caregiver Gathering in La Crosse, WI. LBDA’s first officers and directors were Jim Whitworth (President), Betty Wittenberg (Vice President), Peggy Smith (Secretary/Treasurer), Jan Childress (Director), Imelda Fagin (Director), Donna Rae (Director) and John Young (Director).

It is with great honor that we recognize these people for their service to the cause of LBD, and we warmly welcome the many people who have stepped forward since then to help bring LBD out of the shadows.

Please consider making a donation to LBDA to help us continue the mission.