Clinical Trials

You Can Help Increase LBD Knowledge

Participating in clinical trials is one of the ways YOU can help advance the growing body of knowledge about Lewy body dementia. And the benefits to you can be great! In addition to receiving highly specialized care, some clinical trials give you access to medications that are not otherwise available.

The LBDA encourages eligible patients to educate themselves about clinical trials and to participate in those with promise to develop much needed new therapies. The only pathway to new approved therapies for LBD is through clinical trials, and the LBDA urges patients to be partners in the process of new treatment development through their participation in clinical trials.

  • If you would like to learn more about clinical trials, the Alzheimer’s Association has prepared an excellent overview on the subject, found here.
  • Any decision to participate in a clinical study should be made in conjunction with advice from health care professionals, so talk to your doctor first!

The following sites also list many clinical trials seeking patients with dementia and/or movement disorders:

Provides regularly updated information about federally and privately supported clinical research in human volunteers. gives you information about a trial's purpose, who may participate, locations and phone numbers for more details.

NIH Clinical Research Trials and You

Is an online resource to help people learn more about clinical trials, why they matter and how to participate. Provides information on the basics of clinical trial participation, first hand experiences from actual clinical trial volunteers, explanations from researchers, and links on how to search for a trial or enroll in a research matching program.

Fox Trial Finder

Is a web-based clinical trial matching tool to connect those with and without Parkinson's disease to Parkinson's clinical research participation opportunities. Also provides the opportunity for volunteers to connect directly with trial coordinators through a secure messaging interface on the site.

Alzheimer's Association

Lists selected trials in treatment and prevention of Alzheimer's disease from Trials included here are recruiting participants at more than one U.S. location.

Center Watch

Clinical research, including listings of more than 41,000 active industry and government-sponsored clinical trials, as well as new drug therapies in research and those recently approved by the FDA.

A word to researchers:

Investigators who wish to disseminate information about clinical trials being funded by governmental agencies, academic institutions, and private industry, are encouraged to visit and follow the instructions for registering and posting clinical trial information.

LBDA promotes research relating to Lewy body dementias, but LBDA does not advertise and promote specific clinical trials unless the trials are funded by LBDA or the National Institutes of Health and its related entities. Clinical trials funded by private industry can be registered and promoted on the Web site.